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Pre-Packed Menu

Pre Packed Menu
R55 each
 This is an ideal option for Training Seminars, Lunches for Staff, Schools or Companies without Canteens.
The food is delivered warm or cold in microwave containers.

For more information on the pre packed menu please contact us.
Menu Options
Chicken curry & rice
Thai chicken curry & rice
Chicken a la King & rice
Lemon & herb chicken breast served with veg and crispy potato
Chicken schnitzel & mushroom sauce served with creamed spinach & potato wedges
Chicken stir fry served with noodles
Beef stroganoff & rice
Beef lasagne & Greek salad
Roast beef served with gravy, peas and mash potato
Beef curry & rice
Cottage pie served with green beans & carrots
Pork roast served with gravy, mixed veg & roast potato
Beef burger & potato wedges
Grilled or fried hake, mixed veg and potato wedges
Pie, mash & gravy
Chicken or beef tramezzini's served with potato wedges
Chicken wraps served with a Greek salad
Beef stew served with rice
Pasta al forno & Greek salad
Beef spitzatino & rice
Chuck, pap & sauce
Wors, pap & sauce
Chicken, pap & sauce
Braai combo served with pap & sauce
Mogodu & pap

Salad Options
Greek salad
Greek pasta salad
Potato salad
Coleslaw salad
Rocket salad
Mozzarella & tomato caprese

Veg Options
Creamed Spinach
Roasted butternut with cinnamon
Glazed carrots & beans
Mixed Mediterranean Veg

Carb Substitutes
Cauliflower mash
Roast veg
Bulgar wheat
Bean Salad
Zucchini lasagne (No pasta)
Butternut mash
Grilled Chicken veg and Baked Potato.JPGBeef Lasagne and Greek Salad.JPG
Chicken Schnitzel served with cream spinach and roast potato.JPGBeef Stroganhoff.JPG
Chicken Stir Fry.JPGChicken ala King and Seasoned Rice.JPG
Cottage Pie, Green beans and Carrots.JPGChicken, mash and veg.JPG