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Health Menu

Health Menu
(The options below are mini bowls of finger food)
Breakfast Options:
Baked egg served in a roll bowl R26
Baked egg with sautéed spinach & cherry tomatoes R32
Scotch eggs: boiled eggs wrapped in pork mince R30
Baguette topped with pesto, scrambled egg & bacon R40
Individual spinach, cherry tomatoes and chives frittata’s R40
Breakfast burritos – wheat wraps willed with scrambles egg, beans and tomato salsa R48
Pineapple salad with mint and honey R30
Baked egg in a tomato shell garnished with fresh coriander R32
Individual muesli, yoghurt and fruit portions R28
Breakfast croissant filled with scrambled egg, crispy bacon and rocket R30
Breakfast croissant filled with bacon, feta, tomato and rocket R30
Whole wheat bagel filled with cream cheese, salmon and scrambled egg R40
Breakfast quiches filled with egg, cocktail tomatoes and cheese R25
Breakfast quiches filled with egg, spinach and feta R25
Breakfast quiches filled with egg, bacon and cheese R25
Variety breakfast: ruit kebab and bran muffin R25
Lunch Options:
Butternut soup served with a cocktail health roll R35
Potato & leek soup served with a cocktail health roll R35
Mini chicken & mushroom pot pies R35
Portable dinning (The options below are mini bowls of finger food)
Portable dinning 1: grilled chicken slices on a bed of veg & baby potato wedges R40
Portable dinning 2: beef rump slices on a bed of rustic mash potatoes & veg R40
Portable dinning 3: mini mac & cheese bowls R35
Portable dinning 4: meatloaf served with creamed spinach and baby potatoes R40
Bulgar wheat and roasted veg salad served with giant baked meatballs R40
Tuna, tomato and celery salad served with fish kebabs R45
Sweet potato stuffed with spicy mince R35
Waldorf salad – apples, celery and pecan nuts served with min chicken kebabs R40
Roasted butternut baked and stuffed with red onion, cherry tomatoes, feta and herbs R35
Seasoned rice stuffed and baked tomatoes R30
Mini burgers on health rolls variety of chicken or beef R20
Individual wraps: cajun chicken, avo, crisp lettuce, tomato and mozzarella R40
Individual wraps: grilled steak, caramilised onion, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella R40
Tramezzinis: grilled steak and caramelised onions or chicken and brie R40
Open Sandwiches: French baguette served with a variety of toppings R30
Closed Sandwiches: variety health bread with meat and veg options R35
Slices of rye bread topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon slices and capers R45
Large beef and chicken kebabs with hummus dipping sauce R40
Mexican tacos filled with chilli beef and lettuce R35
Marinated chicken and beef garnished pita’s filled with variety veg and tzatziki R35  
Individual Desserts:
Watermelon and feta kebabs R15
Mini milk tarts R15
Mini lemon meringue R15
Mini carrot cake muffin R15
Apple tartlet R15
Cocktail mouse cups R15
Cocktail caramel cup R15
Mini Danish pastry R15