Platter Menu

("V" - can be made into a vegetarian option )

Breakfast Pastry Platter R595 V
A selection of sweet muffins, Danish pastries, ring donuts, chocolate croissants

Breakfast Savoury Platter R629 V
A selection of beef chipolatas, egg muffins, grilled cherry tomatoes and mushroom kebabs and pork sausages wrapped in bacon

Filled Croissant Platter R595 V
Croissants filled with cold meats with crisp lettuce, plump tomatoes and cheese, creamy chicken mayo and cheese

Muffin Platter R315 V
Variety of freshly baked sweet muffins served with jam, butter and cheese

Rissoles Platter R620 V
A variety of rissoles including prawn, chicken and cheese

Mezze Platter R550 V
A classic taste of the Greek Isles with meatballs, beef kofta kebabs, pita bread served with hummus and tzatziki, feta and haloumi cheeses

Harvest Platter R650 
Variety of cheeses, salami rose and country pepper ham, garlic crostini and crackers, served with hummus dip, olives and garnished with fruits

Sandwich Platter R390 V
Assorted cocktail sandwiches filled with a selection of luxury cold meats and veg (Choice of white, brown or rye)

Tramezzini Platter R590 V
Tramezzini’s filled with chicken mayo and cheese; as well as roast beef and caramelised onions

Wrap Platter R590 V
Tortilla wraps filled with a variety of roast beef, cajun chicken, roast peppers, crisp lettuce, cherry tomatoes and grilled onions

French Baguette Platter R390 V
Freshly baked baguettes topped with a selection of cold meats, crisp lettuce, cucumber and cocktail gherkins

Smash Burger Platter R490 V
Mini chicken, beef sliders topped with crisp lettuce, jam tomatoes, grilled onions and our secret burger sauce
Pita Platter R460 V
Mini marinated chicken and beef filled pita’s

Chicken Drumstick Platter R460
Roasted chicken drumsticks coated with a homemade sticky marinade

Snack Platter R580
A selection of sausage rolls, grilled chicken wings, cocktail cheese grillers and rissoles

Meat Platter Option 1 - R580
A variety of mini cheese samoosas, Teriyaki chicken kebabs, chicken wings, crumbed chicken strips

Meat Platter Option 2 - R580
An assortment of ribs, mini meat balls, mini beef sausages, mini chicken schnitzels

Meat Platter Option 3 - R580
A variety of wors and onion kebabs, chicken wrapped in bacon and mini beef pregos

Bokke Platter R600
Local specialties including sliced biltong, chilli bites, droewors, variety of chips and nuts

Proudly South African Platter R590
A taste of some of SA’s favourites including cocktail vetkoek and mince, mini boerie rolls, grilled chicken drums

Smoked Salmon Platter R620
Freshly sliced rye bread topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon slices, lemon and capers

Crudités Platter R290 V
A variety of fresh seasonal vegetables served with fresh sour cream and chives dip

Prawn Platter R680
Grilled lemon and garlic prawns served with tatar sauce

Sushi Platter R640
A variety of nigiri, california rolls and maki served with ginger, soya sauce and wasabi

Fruit platter R300 V
Freshly cut seasonal fruit

Mini Dessert Platter R580 
Freshly baked chocolate brownies, cocktail milk tarts, bite size chocolate mousse cups, mini lemon meringues

Cheese Platter R680 V
Bite size portions of white cheddar, brie, blue cheese, camembert, philadelphia cream cheese coated in sweet chilli, served with crackers and grapes

Cheese Cake Platter R580 
Individual blueberry fridge cheese cakes

Cupcake Platter R400 
Individually iced chocolate or vanilla cupcakes
(variety of colours available on request)

Chocolate Brownie Platter R340 
Decedent chocolate brownies